The Walking Dead Re-Visited – No Way Out

Rob Sacchetto (Rob Sacchetto’s Zombie Art, Zombie Portraits, Zombie Pin-up Divas on Kickstarter) and Curtis Jaymms Dominique (An Idiot’s Thoughts) finally team up for the most creative, most informative, originally fresh take on the series and highly addictive “The Walking Dead” Podcast review on the interwebs today! Special Thanks to Rob for the awesome picture of Daryl!


One thought on “The Walking Dead Re-Visited – No Way Out

  1. Robs artwork is very impressive, but his take on ” The Walking Dead” mid season premier was bull shit! How can you have a guy on your pod-cast to do commentary on show he doesn’t appreciate or fully understand.

    First, on the fact that that show has not comic relief is bullshit. Abraham is comic relief Here are some quotes from the Bad Ass Ginger!
    – Directed at Rosita tits “those are damn hypnotic”
    – ” I don’t give a Monkeys left nut”
    – “I’ve been to 8 country fairs and a goat rodeo, but i aint never seen anyting like that”
    – ” I don’t give 2 short and curlys what it looks like”
    That is just a few. Abraham is badass and funny as shit.

    Secondly, to address why they are still fighting! Seriously what the fuck! It is human nature to survive some humans have a stronger sense of survival than others but that will to survive has been bred into every human being.

    Walking dead, besides being a suspens horror movie is a perfect depiction of what would happen to society with out rules and order. When Chaos and anarky rules people like the Governor, the Wolves, Neegan, etc can show their true colours.

    I was severely disappointed with this “aftershow” I got so pissed off i had to stop listening 3/4 way through before i threw my Iphone out the car window!

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