Review by Idiots – Shaun of the Dead

Rob Sacchetto and Curtis Dominique are together to review the awesome movie – Shawn of the Dead.

Shaun of the Dead is a 2004 British horror comedy film directed by Edgar Wright, written by Wright and Simon Pegg, and starring Pegg and Nick Frost. Pegg plays Shaun, a man attempting to get some kind of focus in his life as he deals with his girlfriend, his mother and stepfather.  At the same time, he has to cope with an apocalyptic zombie uprising.

The film is the first in Wright and Pegg’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, followed by 2007’s Hot Fuzz and 2013’s The World’s End.

Not only is this a MUST SEE, it’s a great ZOM-COM as Rob put it.  A mix of action, comedy, not-that-much-gore, sit down with your girlfriend/boyfriend and they will enjoy it!!! Plus… great story and a couple tear jerker moments!!

This is EXACTLY what Rob and I would do!!

Here is the trailer for next weeks review… Dead and Buried



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