Karateka – An Idiot’s Thoughts playthough – C64


Dug up this 30+ year old classic game on the Commodore 64!

Karateka is a 1984 martial arts action game by Jordan Mechner.  It was originally programmed for the Apple II, then widely ported. The game was published in North America by Brøderbund,. Along with Karate Champ (1984) and Yie-Ar Kung Fu (1985), Karateka established the basis of the modern fighting game.  Those are next on the list!

The player controls an unnamed protagonist who is attempting to rescue his love interest, the Princess Mariko, from Akuma’s castle fortress. The game exhibits a combination of a side-scrolling platform and fighting game elements similar to a beat ’em up. The player uses punches and kicks to defeat Akuma and his guards and make his way deeper into the fortress.

There was a 2013 remake for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, iOS and Wii U.  This is not as fun as the original!!

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