No looking back now!

The hardest part of starting this podcast (so far) was researching the best microphone for the price. A lot of sites had different thoughts on this, but one microphone kept coming up. The Blue Yeti.

Boxing Day sale at BestBuy had it for a great price, but looking around for a better price and sheer procrastination, inevitably made me miss out.

So today, I had to bite the bullet and buy it at almost double the Boxing Day price. Before the final click of the mouse, I took one last look around, and popped with a price that was even cheaper than the Boxing Day special with free shipping!

Thinking I went to the American site, I triple checked before finally purchasing it.  Sure enough, it was the American site and I paid more than I should’ve….  Just kidding!!  Cheaper and free delivery, thank you!!

Blue Yeti

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