Hello world!

Good evening inter webs, Curtis J. here and this is the first official post of An Idiot’s Thoughts!!!

The Website is up with the help of my very good friend, Mr. Chris Colbourne.  Thank you very much, I appreciate it and promise not to make fun of you for at least 1 month on the podcast!  Maybe?!?

To Kathryn, my beautiful wife, who throughout this whole time is supporting my dream to do this, showing great amounts of love, giving ideas daily to improve the show.  But mostly, telling me to do it already and shutie!!

We are going to start this podcast in a few of weeks.  If you have any questions, ideas you want us to talk about or just want your name mentioned, leave a post here or contact me.

Thank you so much, and let’s get ready for one hell of a series!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Curtis, congrats on the new site! So look, I’ve got this problem, I think you can help solve. I have a friend, lets call him “Shitstopher”, he’s dutch, or something like that….either way….he’s really mean to me, and all of our friends. He even makes one friend work really long days, he shouldn’t work long days, since he’s a really nice guy. What should we do to help Shitstopher turn his life around? You know, be a little nicer to everyone

    1. Great question Josh! Thank you for allowing an Idiot to help you out with this terrible problem.

      Now, let me stop you right there with “He’s Dutch, or something like that.” Not going to say that’s the problem, but that’s the problem! For now, pretend everything is ok, leave some haring out with pickles, tell him to shut the fu*k up and listen to the idiot’s podcast.

      This is an idiot’s thoughts.

      DISCLAIMER – Content of podcast may cause abdominal cramping and loose stool from an overdose of laughter.

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