Episode 29 – An Idiot’s Thoughts – Proud to be Canadian!

Finally, I get to sit down with myself and talk with an Idiot!  For the first time EVER, he lets us know everything about everything, well from an Idiot’s stand point!!

The trip to Kelowna was Incredible!  The wineries, beautiful views, mountains… the wineries!!  ohh the wineries…

img_7644 img_7654 img_7663 img_7672 img_7678these were amazing!  So the next time your thinking of going down, or up to British Columbia and want to stay at an awesome place, try Eagle Point holiday!

img_7610 img_7612 img_7627

and while your there, they have a Spa!! DetoxyLife  Rejuvenation & Wellness Centre, was incredible and totally relaxing.  Kathryn had the facial and melted like butter when she returned home, I had a Ozone Sauna and Raindrop therapy..  I am now ruined for anything else!  It was…  the perfect way to end a relaxing week in one of the most picturesque places in the world!  So take my advice and next time your planning a trip to that part of Kelowna or just passing through, Contact Tom Sozanski at 1-778-484-0710 or Email EaglePointHoliday@gmail.com!  To book a Spa Treatment call – 250-859-5619 or email DetoxyLife@gmail.com!

We will be going back, this was a gorgeous house with an amazing view!

Any and all feedback, contact at curtisj@anidiotsthoughts.com

This weekend is our first EVER Edmonton EXPO!!  Look for a ton of pictures and videos from this amazing event!!


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