Mazatlan Days 6, 7 and 8

Our trip is coming to an end.  Our time here has been unbelievable, from a “kidnapping”, to the most romantic walks along a seemingly endless beach, gorgeous flamingos and some very entertaining new friends.  This is one trip we will both never forget.







Throughout the trip, Kathryn asked me if I was having a good time. “Yes!” I replied, telling her I could really get used to this!  I was never one for sun destinations, the appeal was never there, but now I understand what it’s all about… just taking it easy and that’s what we did!  Looks like the next vacation to the hockey hall of fame might be substituted for Turks and Caicos, or since I have been watching Black Sails, maybe Nassau?!?

Day – 6 was just pure relaxation.  Sitting around the pool and having some cold beverages.


We must’ve tried everything on the menu!

Not being a Tequila fan, I was offered some during our stay. Just like Scotch, there’s a difference in quality and taste… HUGE difference!!  I was hesitant at first because I never developed a taste for Tequila, but this was freaking awesome! It was ice cold and had such a smooth finish.  I never got the name but I do remember the bottle.   To everyone who enjoys Tequila and might know the difference, it was in a short silver bottle, if you might know the name, drop me a line at

See these lazy lions… well, our laziness was even greater, we didn’t even bother pushing a ball 😀

A funny thing happen while we were lounging around the pool.  We adopted a bird or perhaps it was the other way around. We fed him just a couple scraps here and there but talked to him profusely.  He remembered us and would come back day after day and not only to enjoy our food and chat, but to fight off other birds and walk around like it was his territory!  We named him the Godfather to pay him tribute for his faithful protection.

During our visit, I mentioned to Kathryn that I would love to get some Cuban cigars, and down here, they shouldn’t be that hard to find… and find I did!!  We started at the resort and saw a nice selection but unfortunately, the price was as nice. So, off I went to town to find a better deal.  Long story short… I found a muy caliente deal! Mmmh! A nice Cohiba and a beautiful sunset is just what I needed to end a perfect week. Kathryn wasn’t fond of the smell at first, but she got used to it quickly and had one of her own!

That night we got together with our American friends at the bar.  This bar by the way looks like it was taken out of an Indiana Jones movie set.  The African hunter look, real animal heads with rugged leather and wood, blended perfectly with the really fruity drinks and terrible karaoke!


Kathryn told me to “be nice.”  As I would clap and randomly have An Idiot’s Thoughts about the song choice and singer.  Hey, I can’t sing, I know it but I’ll upload a song in the coming weeks for everyone to enjoy on their morning commute!  So knowing I can’t sing allows me the pleasure of judging people who think they can… but can’t and shouldn’t, you know who you are 😉

As we sat with our new friends, I watched Kathryn.  She was laughing and just having a jolly time.  She was the one who needed this the most and I hope that for once, she could relax and let her worries melt away.

I don’t know why, but our friends kept mentioning how we burnt down their White house back in 1812.  This might be a sore spot for some people, or it could have been the beverages, nonetheless, the conversation was funny!

We wrapped up day 6 with some takeout from the bar and called it a night.  Kathryn passes out WAY quicker than me, so I ate my snack while watching the newest season of House of Cards.  To anyone who hasn’t seen this jem yet, I truly recommend it!

Day – 7 was a complete “soak-in the last of the hot weather,” and for me, a little trip back into town for a few extra cigars.  What can I say, here in Canada, one Cohiba is 60 bucks… just couldn’t resist.

After my little excursion into town, Kathryn and I enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi and later, we had our going-away couple’s massage.  Just to wrap up the week and give a great send off… little did we know what was in store for us.

Day – 8 with everything packed and ready to go, we went for breakfast at La Cordelière and once again, we were blown away by the food.  I have never eaten so many eggs in my life, but here, couldn’t get enough.  Even the chef knew what I wanted and how I liked my eggs by the third day in.


Not so happy to be leaving such a beautiful place!!


So, now the flight home, what a “treat”!  We boarded and were seated in between the temperature zones.  Kathryn and I sweated so much, we probably lost all the weight we gained at the resort!  Half way through, Kathryn leans over and says “Do you smell that?”  Sniffing the air, the beautiful aroma of shit hit my nose like a semi!!  As my wife often finds herself in planes because of work,  she’s accustomed to the hot-boxing and crop dusting phenomena… People just don’t give two shits!  So for the next 2 hours, we sat in a sauna but this time infused with a fragrance of “chocolate delight”.

Getting my bag from the overhead, we hear a woman telling her son “I don’t care if your ass rots off!  You better hold that in until we get off!!” We started laughing! When I heard this, I immediately looked at Kathryn and said “see!!  I told you, someone shit their pants!!”  Kathryn responded “no, no, he probably just farted.”

At the luggage carousel, the mother sidles up to us: “I’m so sorry, but my son shit his pants on the flight, the pleasures of raising a teenage boy!” We all laughed and politely removed ourselves from the area.

On a side note: Here’s Edmonton’s arrival zone, the only way to show the Edmonton Oilers in victory…  with dummies!!  Keep the dream alive Geoff!


To top the whole story off, I left my car lights on so we had to get boosted… twice, on the way home.  Kathryn was not impressed.


Back to life… back to reality!


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