Mazatlan – Day 5

Today was a day for relaxation!  We were a couple of seals laying around the pool!  All we wanted to do was just have a few cervezas and some food.

The day started with a beautiful walk on the beach.  The water was so warm, it was like dipping your feet into a bath.  As we walked, we saw a vulture having a little snack. Don’t know what he was munching on and we were not courageous enough to investigate this further. Along the beach, we also saw what looked like abandoned  or maybe just poorly maintained houses… “A fixer upper in this marvelous location?”, maybe one day but for now, we can only afford to daydream about it. Walking back to our resort, we picked up a seashell, as a small souvenir of our trip and romantic walk on the beach… it’s not like we will blog about it! 🙂


And yes, we drew a heart in the sand… Very cheesy, we know…. But we couldn’t resist 🙂


Continuing walking, we thought this would be a perfect time to walk around and enjoy what Pueblo Bonito had to offer.  The hidden nooks, the walkways and the beautiful flowers and plants left us speechless every time we roamed around our resort. We were both in awe of the harmonious design, that perfect blend between the old and the new.





Not only the scenery was beautiful but they had a couple of peacocks, some parrots, and flamingos.  These birds are absolutely astonishing!




After our walk around the grounds, we were a little peckish, so to the bistro we went for some of the best food we have had in a long time.  Bacon wrapped tenderloin for me, and quesadillas for my wife.

After we finished our meal, we had a few drinks at the bar and called it a night.


See you Tuesday for Mazatlan – Days 6, 7 and 8!

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