Mazatlan – Day 4

Today, we finally got to see downtown Mazatlan! A day trip that shows you around the local scenery, hot-spots, bodegas and jewelry stores. Although visiting the city and learning about its history was captivating, the several 45-minute stops at the gift shops felt like a total waste of time and to some degree a money grab.

They picked us up at the resort around 10am, we hopped on the bus and headed into town.

Our first stop was to watch a cliff diver… very impressive, here’s the video I took:

While we were in the area, our very friendly tour guide mentioned that the islands out in the ocean are protected therefore buildings or any other developments are illegal . He pointed out white islands that we could see from afar and said that for the last 30 years, the same sea lions have been coming back and resting there. “Guess why the islands are white”, he asked, to which I giggled as I knew the answer. There were children on the bus so he very politely said, “see all those well-fed Pelicans flying above… use your imagination”.

After the very quick stop at the Oceanside, our next stop was at the jewelry store. “Take 45 minutes”, the tour guide said. “Look around, buy something.” We looked for a moment and decided to walk away and just enjoy the scenery.


Notice the white islands in the background? Nothing says “romance” like taking a picture with a pile of shit behind you 😉




Our next stop was the beautiful cathedral and the market place. Walking towards the cathedral was amazing, it was so awe-inspiring. The architecture was simply breathtaking.

Mazatlan tour 1



IMG_5978 img_5984

We then took a walk to the market, nothing really special here, except for meeting some Cuban friends… Montecristo, Cohiba, Romeo and Julieta… Mucho gusto!


After the city tour, we decided to have a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant: Angelo’s located at the Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan just 30 minutes away from our resort and right in downtown. Kathryn had a shrimp fettuccine and I had a rigatoni aglio et olio!  We were yet again very impressed with our supper.


Going back to the resort, we felt like this was a place that could one day be our home!  There must be something they put in their air or their cervezas, because every night, when we hit those pillows, we slept like babies.

Good night Mazatlan.. You’re making it so hard to leave!!


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