Mazatlan – Day 3

I feel as if I keep repeating myself here, and no less on our honeymoon, but we had to get up early again for a morning meeting. Uhh, thought this was supposed to be relaxing?!?  When does that start?

Before going to the “meeting”, we had breakfast at the La Cordelière, a buffet style with fresh squeezed juices, smoothies, fresh pastries, omelette bar and so much more. My compliments to the chef, breakfast was absolutely delicious. Most people know I am an extremely picky eater, and while I am writing this I can see Kathryn rolling her eyes.  But this food was a complete and more than welcomed surprise!!

We finished our breakfast and said to each other, “let’s get this over with!”  We went to see Ned Flanders again because he said we should take a day to re-evaluate his offer. Note that, the day earlier, we needed to make a decision right then and there or the offer was off the table!!  Lol.

We politely declined, again! “Ok, but to get your deposit, you have to go to the office and someone there will help you.”  Do I hear the errie music again!?!

“Have a seat” a new salesperson said. “We know the timeshare is not for you, but the owner of the resort has his own version of a timeshare!!  Let me tell you about it!”  Both our jaws dropped from shear disbelief. They are like pitbulls with fresh meat!!  It started with a Hispanic woman sharing the details and she was very professional and very clear, but then a loud American southerner hijacked her presentation to “explain it better.”  He didn’t, he only made it worse as we expected it.

We listened to the whole pitch and then Kathryn mentioned, “if this is so great, show us how it will work for us in our upcoming trip. My sister is looking for a place to renew her vows!”  “No problem he said!!  We can help you out!”  The original terms were that nothing will ever go over $399 a week once you buy into this program.

“Well that’s prime season!  It’s $849 a week.”  Who the hell goes to Mexico in July?!?  “It’s hotter then shit down here and you call it prime season,” I said. The loud southerner became very quiet all of a sudden.

We looked at each other and said “Nope, sorry can’t do it!”  At which point the loud southerner stood up and walked passed us, not shaking my hand, as if we wasted “HIS” time!?!  As Kathryn now knows when I’m going to say something “inappropriate” or give “an idiot’s thoughts”, she calmy grabbed my hand and walked me out the door.

With that same sour taste from yesterday rising again in our mouths, a visit to the swim up pool was really the only cure. Daiquiri’s and Pacifio again were cleansing elixir.

As the bar was closing, I went down to grab our last drinks. Walking up to the bar there were a few people siting down. “Hello!” I said and they treated politely back, “2 Pacificos and 1 strawberry daiquiri please.”  “Where are you from?” The guy beside me asks, “Canada, Edmonton… Well just outside Edmonton.”  “I couldn’t pick up your accent” he said, “wouldn’t have guessed Canada.”  Laughing I turned to him and said “yah, I lost the A-boot and don’t say “eh” as much.”  They all laughed. Turns out their from Alaska, down for a bit.

At this point we moved to the bar and Kathryn looked amazing in her dress!  We were talking about everything including their new overlord Trump!  They laughed very hard.

Most of the night was exchanging jokes, laughs and very strong political opinions. Like most Americans, I have had the pleasure to know and talk with, they like to make fun of us Canadians. This happened that night also. Most people know I love to make people laugh and also make fun of them, but never out of disrespect, insults or anger, just friendship and love. So, being quick on my feet, I asked them how they liked their new Whitehouse, referring to the 1812 war. They roared laughing saying that was the only time America was invaded. I said: “Anytime you want, get a bunch of Canadians drunk and we will take care of it! Eh!” Roars of laughter were heard by everyone for the rest of the evening.


See you tomorrow Mazatlan!

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