Mazatlan- Day 2

We woke up again with the all too familiar sound of the cell phone alarm. Thought we were on vacation?!?  We had a “meeting” scheduled at 9am for a walk around the grounds and to learn  what the resort has to offer. Coming with a bonus of 2 city tour tickets and 300 US dollars in resort credit. We thought: Nice! Should be informative and we’ll get free money… Can’t get better than that *insert errie music here! It’s as they say… nothing is free in life.

The tour was great, they showed us the grounds, pools, bar, spa and the gorgeous villas.

This was  followed by a “member’s only” breakfast, which we later found out was pretty ordinary comparing to the normal breakfast offered in our package. Our guide/sales person started to ask what we do for a living and if we are planning for the future (in other words, we were being sized up). “Well I have a deal for you!!” He said looking exactly like Ned Flanders. It turned out to be a pitch for a timeshare “opportunity”!

He mentioned how great it was and how much we would save.  It took up a lot of time and we wanted to go and enjoy our honeymoon. Finally, we just said “it’s getting late (afternoon) and this doesn’t sound like something we can decide on a whim.”

Being “kidnapped” by aggressive timeshare sales people is not what anyone wishes for their honeymoon getaway. The whole experience left a sour taste in our mouths. Solution… swim up bar!!

Kathryn loved the blended drinks and Pacifico was the beer of choice, kinda like Corona but more tasteful!  Even the locals prefer it over Corona… and Corona owns the brand!?!

We stayed by the bar until 4:30, and thanks to free wifi and video conferencing, we got to chat with my mom, dad… and we even got a paw wave from Bena, their dog. We showed them around the pool, the Pacific Ocean, and the flamingos and mom’s response was ooooh! and aaaah! It’s as if she forgot to speak English.


We were still a little annoyed by the morning episode so we decided that a well deserved spa treatment was in order… and let me tell you… this spa has ruined me for the rest of my life!!

It started with 60 minutes of wet spa treatments, including a Swedish shower, a reflexology walk, an ice compress, hot/cold showers, an eucalyptus frangrance infused sauna, a mist shower, a polar bear dip, a jacuzzi tub and a hot water swimming pool.

Now, being a Canadian, I figured I would make a statement and show everyone that cold has no effect on me!  I went into the sauna and built up a great sweat. Around 15 minutes, I said to myself, “let’s show these people how Canadians do it,” and ran to the cold dip.

Starting with my feet and knees, it was nothing I haven’t felt before so I went deeper. Now, let me stop everyone here and mention, that I have never been to a spa so spa etiquette is not common knowledge for me. When my crotch hit the ice cold water, I screamed like a girl and ran back into the sauna!!  Yep, true Canadian!!

Keeping a low profile, I stayed in the jacuzzi and waited to be called for our couple’s massage. We were brought to a pre-massage room, where we shared stories about the wet spa. Turns out Kathryn, originally from Poland, is more of a Canadian than I am!!  She took the ice water plunge!!

After our 80-minute massage, we were so relaxed that as soon as our heads hit the pillows, we immediately fell asleep… It was 9pm!

Livin’ la vida loca!!

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