Mazatlan – Day 1

It started with the alarm going off at 5:30am… Meaning, barely any sleep for both of us. I know I was too excited to really sleep so I slept with one eye open the whole night, just to make sure we didn’t miss our wake up call.

We had no unpleasant surprises on the way to and while getting ready for the airport. Dropped off Kathryn at the airport so she could check our bags and get our tickets while I parked the car and came back to the airport as quickly as I could.

Security was very fast leaving us with over an hour until boarding. We were both hungry, and since this was the official start of our week-long vacation, we took advantage of the VIP lounge and got some breakfast!!

The timing was perfect as we came down and made our way to the gate. It was very fast getting on the plane but the surprise was we were not sitting together, we were in the same seat in different rows. Even with this small inconvenience, the best part was being upgraded to plus seating.

The 4 hours went by quickly and for me who has had a lot of problems flying, this went very smoothly. The funniest part of the plane ride was, though it lasted for only 4 hours, one guy became completely voice-altering-stumbling drunk!  Then had to be carried off the plane and put into a wheelchair!  That guy wasn’t me by the way, I made through security without the wheelchair! LOL!

We got on a bus and started to head towards the resort. Driving through Mazatlan was… well…  a very interesting ride to say the least. We saw a penitentiary and jail close to each other, armed forces hanging out and colourful scenery. One older lady sitting behind us on the bus blew a kiss and said, as we came to a stop light and saw some men standing around a gas station, “I just made his day!” with a giggle. Kathryn leaned into me and said “no lady, that’s how you get yourself kidnapped!” Laughing at her response I said “She just turned him gay!!” We continued to laugh as the older lady insisted that she made his day and kept telling her friends that this will be a great trip! A great trip it will be indeed.

As we pulled into the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort and passed a huge security gate and guards, gasps of “what is this place?” and “oh! my God, this is absolutely beautiful” were muttered by several people. “Have a great vacation!” one guy said as we were getting off, not sure if it was out of sincerity or jealousy, to be honest.

Walking into the lobby was a shock to the system, a gorgeous fountain engulfed the centre, while a massive aquarium full of exotic fish acted as the backdrop for the front desk.

Getting our key card, we were escorted to our room on the 3rd floor with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean only meters away!!  What a view!!  Not only that, the room was simply gorgeous!

We were kind of burnt out from the long trip so we went to have an early dinner at the bistro, which was a restaurant Chef Ramsey would be proud of. Kathryn had ultra fresh shrimp and I had a bacon wrapped tenderloin… amazing!!  No other words can describe it!

So with our bellies filled, we walked back to the suite and once our heads hit the pillows, we were out for the night!!  Good night Mazatlan!!  The rhythmic lapping of the Pacific easing us to sleep.

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