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Time to Get Serious!

Sully is a movie about a hero, but not a superhero, and is about a miracle, but isn’t a religious movie. It’s about a modest every day man, who did something amazing, and as usual society tried to paint him as a villain.

Here’s Brian Sinn and Curtis Dominique’s Non-Spoiler review for Sully

If I told you I just won the 400 meter dash, initially you would congratulate me, but then human nature would kick in and the skeptic in you would come out.

What race was this?
What this a major race?
How many other racers were there?
How skilled were the racers?
Was there any juicy details like a controversial finish?

This is why the media focuses on crime and controversy, because happy stories are boring. People are always looking for the story behind the story, and the dirty secrets that allow us to feel better about ourselves by placing others below us.

Tom Hanks gives another text book performance as the pilot, who wanted nothing more than to do his job well and save lives, and yet is torn apart by those who refuse to simply accept the glory of miracles.

The movie is a serious, but important, break from flash and dazzle movie trend, and drives home a harsh but important lesson about the dangers of being the good guy.

Hopefully the boring title, which in itself is a metaphor of the unassuming good intentions of the pilot, doesn’t hurt it in the box office.

Now that you wanna go see this go to Fort Cinema in Fort Saskatchewan and grab an amazing pizza after from Ollie’s Pizza Pantry, then listen to our Spoiler filled review!



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