Idiots of the Round Table – Star Trek Beyond – Spoilers

Idiots of the Round Table Present – Star Trek Beyond – The Spoiler Edition.  We recommend going to watch this movie, especially at Fort Cinema, here in Fort Saskatchewan!

So any guesses on who likes this and who doesn’t?  LOL They don’t call me Dr. Doom for nothing.  Stay to the end and get a little extra rant!

Check out Star Trek this weekend and all week long with some matinees at our sponsor, Fort Cinema, just awesome place to bring the family for a day!! Join us this Friday the 29th after Bourne for our first ever LIVE streaming podcast movie review at 10pm Mountain time. and ask us some questions!

chanePicture L to R – Brian Sinn – “Mr. Malorian“, Curtis Jaymms Dominique – “Dr. Doom”, Geoffrey Richer – “Martha”, Jordan Percy – “Rusty” are the Idiot’s of the Round Table!!

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