Idiots of the Round Table – Don’t Breathe

There is something fun about being scared.

The horror genre often takes a lot of flack, and yet many people love them, and they consistently make money. There are some people however who utterly refuse to see horror movies…  Geoff and Rusty.

Here’s Brian Sinn and Curtis Dominique’s Non-Spoiler review for Don’t Breathe!

Podcast and also on YouTube.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons why you should go see a horror movie like Don’t Breathe

#5. The adrenaline rush. The reason why horror movies are enjoyable is the same as roller coasters. You aren’t in any real danger, but your mind thinks it is, and the rush of a good scare can be a blast!

#4. Palate cleanser. When you grow tired of yet another superhero movie, or teen drama flick, it’s great to have a palate cleanser like a horror movie to shake things up and make things interesting again.

#3. See your friends scream. Go with a group and have bets on who is going to scream/jump, and who is going to scream/jump the most. *Cough… Brian!

#2. Test yourself. Another fun element of horror films is simply the personal challenge of making yourself do something that your mind doesn’t want to do.

#1. It’s just fun!. At the end of the day it’s a movie, and horror movies offer interesting stories and plot twists just like any other genre. So go, grab some pop corn, and have a great night out at the movies!

Now that you wanna go see this go to Fort Cinema in Fort Saskatchewan and grab an amazing pizza after from Ollie’s Pizza Pantry, then listen to our Spoiler filled review!

Join us next week for War Dogs!


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