NHL ’94 (Sega Genesis) – Head to Head Challenge Game #2

Let’s cue up the second game. The first ended in tragedy for one man, but can redemption be on the horizon?? Watch this high scoring game to find out!! Drezz from RSGN and Curt “The Legend” Dominique from An Idiot’s Thoughts Podcast battle it out again for supremacy!

Tonights game features the Buffalo Sabres VS the Tampa Bay Lightning… One of these teams sucks..

The OFFICIAL tally so far is Drezz 1 – Curt 0

Check out Drezz at http://www.drezzworks.com/

Retro Sports Gaming Network YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyhlGePVJCgVkCm4Vc3gbCw

nhl 94

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