Episode 4 – Rob Sacchetto Pt1

Welcome to Episode 4 with the originator of Zombie Portraits, Mr Rob. Sacchetto!!  We sat down and man for the whole conversation, Rob amazed me at what he knew about Zombies and their culture!  This is a must listen for any TRUE Zombie fan!!

His new Kickstarter Project has full steam, and with your help we can make it!!  $25 dollars for cards you will NEVER see again, and if you choose higher price points, The rewards well out way weigh the cost.  check it out!!  You can BECOME immortalized in your very OWN card!?!  Here are a few of Rob’s drawings, please click to enlarge.

zombie art zombie pinup playing cardsc04eaa874e3a51ae77cd2bb35f54668f_original

zombie portrait sale (5)zombie portrait sale red white and black

cover galley 2 copycreature from the black lagoon

The long lost trailer for the story of Rici-Oh has been found!

Here is the Film that started it all – Matango…. This is a beaut of a movie!!

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