Exploring Fort Saskatchewan – August 30th, 2016

Thank you for joining our podcast this week and welcome to Exploring Fort Saskatchewan.  Our community is active and exciting and there is always plenty of cultural, recreational and leisure activists to enjoy.

RECAP – This past week we had our first ever roller derby where we debuted our Rookie Heartland team but also hosted the home-away game for the Fort McMurray Tar Sand Bettie’s..   That really is a pretty great story as we talk about one fort supporting the other fort.  While Fort McMurray was evacuated because of the devastating fires. Their roller derby team used our facilities to train.

We also had Andy’s playground opening.  We encourage you to google Andy’s Playground and discover what an amazing person he was and what this playground meant to him and now means to our community.  Next time your in town, head out to the Dow Diamonds just off Wiltshire Blvd and take some time to play!

So let’s explore what’s coming to Fort Saskatchewan this week.  We really are a fun community and this week we are celebrating Sheep Week!  August 29 to September 5, enter to win our exciting contests with trivia, pictures, videos and a final farewell to our wooly mowers.

You can enter our contest through Facebook or Twitter by simply taking a photo with you and a sheep and enter it with #sheepie

To end our sheep week our residents and visitors are invited down to our famous Legacy Park at 11 am.  Bring some carrots or apples to feed the sheep, hug them, get your photo with them and them walk them around our downtown streets as we bid them adue until next year.  Activities start at 10 am so bring out your camera to capture some priceless moments.   We’ve been doing this since 1992 and have gained regional, national, and international acclaim.   There’s just something about our wooly mowers that keeps our visitors coming back.

Also.  The community baptist church in Westpark holds there family day as well.  All free, games, popcorn Cotten candy, face painting bouncy houses, BBQ, pony rides and so much more.   There’s no excuses not to come out.  It’s free and the children just love it!

Join us next Tuesday for another installment of…
Exploring Fort Saskatchewan with Mayor Gale Katchur and Curtis Dominique.


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