April Fool’s!! My brother totally got me

So John messages me this morning a little freaked out saying he just laid some guy out and that he lost his job.  I believe this, because he has had… uhh.. “random” encounters in his past, and this would be nothing new.

Here is how the hook was set and then reeling me in..  Our Facebook Conversation.

bro – Got into a fight with an outside worker this morning, guy was a nut case, over coffee!!!  We both got fired, packing my room to leave now…  Have an hour to be off site, Ian’s going to freak….

12511271_434753123390983_612694927_o – What??  Serious??
bro – Yup, security outside my door while I pack, waiting on the RCMP, I smoked this clown… Temporary laps of reason cost me my job fuck…
12511271_434753123390983_612694927_o – RCMP?!?  You think you’re gonna get arrested??
bro – Probably, took him our in a stretcher, lost it bro..
12511271_434753123390983_612694927_o – Was he a kid?? What happened? You KO’ed a guy over coffee??
bro – Yeah the fucker punched me in the back of the head and I spun around and unloaded. Happened quick no time to think just reacted, a bit too much and now I’m packing… fuck.
12511271_434753123390983_612694927_o – Well don’t you have any leg to stand on?? If he hit you first?? Self defense??
bro – Site policy two fight, two go, no exceptions!
12511271_434753123390983_612694927_o – Have you called Ian?
bro – Not yet…  They have I imagine… It is what it is..
12511271_434753123390983_612694927_o – Well that’s messed up. But hopefully a camera caught it.  This way your defending yourself.
bro – Doesn’t matter…  April fools brother!! lol!!
12511271_434753123390983_612694927_o – Hahahaha!!  Awesome!!
bro – Got you…..
12511271_434753123390983_612694927_o – You did.  Damn. I was picturing it and thought you were fucked.
bro – I’m good son!

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